To Our Primex Family:

December 22, 2020

This note is directed to all of our customers, suppliers, all of the service companies that keep us running, in short everyone we come in contact with. The point of this letter is to express our  extreme thanks to everyone for their patronage and support of our company throughout this incredibly challenging year. Thanks to you and your amazing loyalty, we were able to get beyond our early spring closure and, in fact, flourish in all the months since. We are feeling so fortunate and in fact lucky to find ourselves in this position.

My grandfather, Bill, and father, Gordon, started Primex in 1943. We are now a fourth generation business continuing to operate out of the same location. Their vision of providing the products and professional advice necessary to help our customers succeed at gardening continues. To see the huge interest in home landscape has been amazing to witness. Whether it is outdoor ornamental gardening, growing your food at home, witnessing the craze of indoor foliage and succulents which we have not seen since the 70’s, the interest in birding, backyard chicken farming, we are just so glad to be a part of this with you.

We continue to support our local community through donations. Through our seed donation program we have given away thousands of packets of seed to schools, local gardens and food banks as well as The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Our support for smaller causes such as local historic houses, arboretums, organizations such as Weavers Way Food Co-op, Variety Club of Philadelphia, The Jenkintown Environmental Council and various groups within the city of Philadelphia, continues to grow. It is our priority to help spread the joy of gardening and to help those we can in their effort.

Mostly we want to thank you all for support and involvement with our business. We want to wish all of you good health and happiness through this muted holiday season. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you in the winter months and look forward to providing you with the best in gardening in the coming new year.

On behalf of the staff of Primex and my family we can’t wait to see you,

David, Joan, Katelyn, Danny and Marshall