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Few things in nature are more powerful than seeds. Out of these tiny kernels of life come whole perennials, shrubs, trees, and gardens! Whatever garden you dream of, we’ll provide the seeds for you to grow it and offer many more possibilities than you can imagine. 

Our garden center carries Renee’s seeds, Hudson Valley, and Botanical Interest. We have flowers, herbs, or vegetable seeds in tried-and-true varieties, new breeds, and more diversity than you even knew existed. Come with a few ideas, and you’ll leave ready to create a masterpiece of wonder and beauty!

Even though seeds are the beginning of a garden, they don’t work alone. Besides the mysterious spark of life, they also need water, sunlight, soil, and sometimes starter trays to prepare them for the garden. Except for the rain and sunshine—which is abundant outdoors—we have all the other starter supplies you’ll need. 

If you don’t know what you need, don’t worry. Our expert staff will help you navigate the wide world of seeds and set you up with the starter basics, no matter your budget. 

Choosing seeds is one of the most exciting parts of gardening. It’s like when a painter picks their paint, or a carpenter selects their wood. A whole pallet of possibilities is before you for your garden, landscape, and homegrown vegetables for the season. You’re also choosing plant companions you’ll come to know and love, and food for the bees, birds, and insects. 

So much is possible when you come to buy seeds, and even if you take a chance on a new species, you never risk much of an investment. Nature is so gracious in her gifts that seeds are always abundant. They are affordable beginnings to feed your family and one of the easiest ways to bring beauty, wonder, and new life to your home.