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Chicken & Bird Supplies

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Backyard Chickens

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fresh eggs from your own home

Chicken Supplies

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Having backyard chickens is the newly emerged age-old trend! Keeping a flock to provide the freshest eggs in your own backyard has been taking off in the last few years. Primex carries bedding (pine bedding & straw), feeders, treats, and other supplies for your backyard chickens. We also hold seasonal workshops on how to raise chickens so that you feel prepared and have the supplies you need. Learn more in-store!

feed your feathered friends

Bird Feed & Supplies

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Calling all birders! We carry a wide variety of bird supplies including birdbaths, bird feeders, and assorted feed ranging from 3lb to 40lbs to feed your feathered friends. Attracting a wide array of beautiful birds to your feeders provides hours of delightful bird-watching, which is both relaxing and entertaining.

We also carry a wonderful array of books about birds, including how to build the best bird-attracting garden, bird feeding and habitat books, bird identification books (so that you can learn who that feathered blue beauty is perched in your backyard, enjoying the seed buffet you’ve provided!) and much more. The pandemic created a whole new level of interest in birding. Fortunately, Primex has always been the go-to place for birders near and far with everything the new and experienced birdwatcher needs.