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Our History

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In 1943 our founder William Green purchased McCaughey Feed & Coal Co and Primex Garden Center was born. He operated a feed mill and coal company serving the farms and homeowners in the region. Our location near the train tracks facilitated bulk deliveries of feed and coal directly into grain silos located where our nursery currently sits. As the region developed so did our business, in 1956 we opened our newly built store where it still stands. By this point, William’s son Gordon had joined his father in business. As interest in home gardening grew, so did our offerings. The houseplant boom of the 70s drew us further into the plant business, and in 1985 we built our first greenhouse. By this time David Green, William’s grandson, was working by his father’s and grandfather’s sides. Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, we were able to acquire some adjoining properties and continue to expand our parking, facilities, and offerings, particularly in the live plant departments.

Primex Garden Center is now in its fourth generation of Green family ownership. It has established itself as the leading resource for garden supplies, plants, and expertise in the Philadelphia region. We offer a wide selection of organic and conventional garden solutions, soils and amendments, mulches, and watering supplies in addition to two fully stocked tropical houseplant greenhouses, annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs as well as the expertise to grow them all! Primex Garden Center truly is The Gardeners Resource.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener, a first-timer, or anywhere in between, we have the plants, products, and expertise to help you grow your dream indoor, outdoor, garden, lawn, or any other area! We carry an ever-expanding supply of organic gardening products and supplies (the largest in the region!) because we know what benefits the community, benefits all of us.

high-quality plants & products

what we offer

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In our Nursery and Greenhouse, you’ll find quality, locally sourced plants, trees, and shrubs. Our Store has a wide selection of top-of-the-line gardening tools and supplies from your favorite old standbys to current sustainable innovations. Our Warehouse has everything you need for landscaping—from mulch to topsoil. And our staff has the solutions and support to all of your questions!

firsthand experience

not just another garden center

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We’re not just another garden center, and it shows in our staff and the service we provide. We are passionate about all things green and growing, plain and simple. Our plant-loving team is full of horticulturists, arborists, PA Master Gardeners, biologists, urban farmers, and seasoned gardening gurus. We don’t just have the answers to your questions, and knowledge about the products…we’ve used the products and have grown the plants in our own gardens!

we're eager to help

Connection & Enthusiasm

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We love connecting with customers, sharing our information, keen insights, experience, and enthusiasm for gardening. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or a seasoned pro, our staff has the knowledge you can depend on for your successful gardening adventures, indoors or outdoors, and in all four seasons.

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Primex has cultivated personal relationships with fellow horticultural organizations and community gardens, and we continue to support their efforts through our donation programs.

Come visit us & let’s get gardening!