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Mulch & Stone

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Dream Space

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Creating your dream garden, perfect lawn, outdoor oasis, welcoming landscape, or whatever good greenness you’re growing, we can help you figure it out and have what you need!

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Bulk Materials

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Compost? Mulch? Whether you don’t quite know the difference OR know exactly what you need, Primex has got it, including Shredded Hardwood Mulch or Black Mulch and Topsoil Blend (30% Screened Topsoil – 70% Mushroom Compost). These will both nourish your plants AND create a more visually appealing topography.

feed your plants

Bagged Mulch

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Plants need food, nutrition, and mulch to help nurture them to abundant growth. Depending on your space, sun, climate, and other needs/preferences, we have just what you need including Shredded Hardwood, Black Mulch, Red Mulch, Pine Bark Mini Nuggets, Pine Bark Mulch, Cedar Mulch, Cocoa Mulch, Playground Mulch.

protect your seedlings


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We also offer bales including Salt Hay, Straw, and Shredded Hay & Straw. Bales make ideal vegetable garden mulch and also protect newly seeded areas like lawns. The materials work to keep the weeds down and the moisture in, and also regulate temperature for your newly planted seedlings or tender grass shoots. The materials work to keep the seeds in place, protecting them from flood displacement in heavy rain, and keep the birds feasting on your newly planted seeds. Primex’s expert staff can help you find the perfect material for your needs.

accent details

Bagged Stone & Sand

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Sometimes, you may want to define or accentuate your space. Perhaps a beautiful stone driveway, a Zen meditation circle or labyrinth, a sandy playground under a swing set, or a sandbox made for summer fun for little ones…we have everything to bring that vision to reality, including Marble Chips, Seminole Chips, White & Tan Stones (Diamond Pea Gravel, Bantam Eggs & Goose Eggs), River Jacks, Screenings, All-Purpose Sand, and Play Sand. All stones are available in 0.5 cubic foot bags. We do not sell bulk stone.