Pet-Friendly Houseplants

June 20, 2022

Create harmony between your houseplants and pets with these non-toxic beauties.


We all know how hard it can be to keep our furry friends out of our indoor plants! Dogs and cats frequently nibble on houseplants for various reasons, including boredom and hunger, which is why it’s especially important to ensure that your plants are pet-friendly. Keep reading for our pet-friendly, non-toxic indoor house plants to ensure the safety of your plants and your furry friends!


Primex Garden Center -Pet Friendly Houseplants-calathea houseplant


In addition to adding a pop of color to your indoor space, calatheas can tolerate low light and shaded areas. This indoor house plant is the perfect addition to your living space and is low maintenance and safe for pets. They thrive best in indirect sunlight, consistently moist soil, and conditions with adequate drainage. Because it is a tropical plant, it thrives in a humid environment, making it a perfect plant for your bathroom or kitchen.


primex garden center pet friendly houseplant spider plant_

Spider Plant 

The spider plant is extremely easy to grow indoors due to its strength and versatility; plus, it will purify the air. You will want to hang your spider plant in an area indoors with bright to moderate indirect sunlight, as too much sun exposure may scorch their leaves and leave them looking wilted and dry! Spider plants like even moisture and have a fairly quick growth rate. Sprouts and summer plants only need water once a week; in winter, let the soil dry a bit more between waterings.


Cat Palm 

Now that we’re on the topic of tropical indoor plants, what better time to introduce the cat palm houseplant? A gorgeous addition to your home, the cat palm’s lush green foliage will liven up your living space, adding an exotic touch. Not only are they non-toxic and pet friendly, but they are also stellar air purifiers as they emit high levels of oxygen, removing indoor toxic pollutants. Providing a safe home environment for you and your pets–does it get better than that? Cat palms are easy to care for; they just need bright light, moderate to high humidity, and evenly moist soil. This plant reaches up to six feet tall, making it an excellent option for larger spaces.



If you’re a plant and a pet lover, you’ve likely already learned that the Aloe plant is unsafe for your pets. Sadness no more! The haworthia is a pet-safe alternative! This adorable succulent is petite in size and distinguished by its plump, spiky leaves that come in an array of funky textures and appearances. 

Hawthoria flowers are always white, but depending on their species, they may also have small green or brown striations. With plenty of gorgeous options to choose from, these petite non-toxic succulents prefer average indoor temperatures and moderate light levels and only need water once every week or two. The best practice is to provide them with less moisture in the winter and more in the summer!


Primex Garden Center -Pet Friendly Houseplants-ponytail palm foliage

Ponytail Palm 

Despite its cute name and appearance, this pet-safe indoor plant is not actually a palm! The ponytail palm is a succulent, and it’s completely non-toxic and safe for both dogs and cats. Ponytail palms are small, light, and fun indoor house plants. They look distinctive because of the swollen brown stems that store water. They can be placed near an indoor window or on a coffee table for maximum sunlight. Beware that your cats may love playing with the leaves a little too much! 


As animal lovers, we understand that you can never be too sure about what is and isn’t safe for your furry friends. That’s why our garden experts are here to help reaffirm and guide you through non-toxic and safe indoor houseplants you choose to place in your home. Visit us or give us a call at Primex Garden Center in Glenside, Pennsylvania, today!