“Lucky Charm” Houseplants for St. Patrick’s Day

March 13, 2023

Bring a little charm of the Emerald Isle into your home with these lucky houseplants!


Plants have always played an important role in Irish legend. The Emerald Isle itself is named after its famous lush greenery. It’s no surprise that houseplants are a good way to bring the St. Patrick’s Day celebration to your home. These charming plants bring good luck to you now and throughout the year! 


7 Lucky Charm Houseplants


The Jade Plant 

These charming succulents are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and friendship. Shaped like a miniature bonsai tree, they’re an ideal bedside companion or partner to have on your desk. Enjoy their cheery demeanor anywhere you have at least four hours of sunlight, and to keep them happy, give them moist soil during the growing season.

Rubber Plant 

Rubber Plants are like those quiet, popular kids in high school that looked cool no matter what they did and seemed to bring good luck everywhere they went. Believed to be a boon for Feng Shui, Rubber Plants promote a healthy atmosphere by removing toxins and mold from the air. Their big, glossy leaves are also symbols of abundance. These forgiving plants thrive in bright, indirect light, and where temperature and humidity are comfortable for you. 


Shamrock Plant 

Shaped like the famous clover, these houseplants offer charming sets of three green leaves and an abundance of small white flowers. Although they are native to  Mexico, Shamrock Plants definitely have an Irish charm and will bring a spirit of good luck to any bright sunny window! There’s also a variety with purple leaves and purple flowers known as the Purple Shamrock.  

Primex Garden Center-Glenside-shamrock and peace lily plants

The Peace Lily 

Known around the world as symbols of peace, Peace Lilies bring a sense of calm and tranquility to any room. They feature glossy green leaves and white flowers that resemble the white flag of a truce. Technically a leaf bract, rather than a flower, they’re more durable than ordinary petals and last upwards of two months! Bright, indirect light and moist but not soggy soil keeps the Peace Lily happy.  


Golden Pothos 

With laid-back vining leaves and lush foliage, the Golden Pothos has a part-surfer, part-old-growth forest feel. The golden green leaves offer bright colors, even in low-light conditions. Similar to ivy, it would be right at home in Ireland and makes a good lucky charm plant for St. Patrick’s day. Known for thriving on a bit of neglect, they’re also a faster-growing houseplant and like their soil to dry out between waterings. 

Primex Garden Center-Glenside-pothos and lavender plants


Lavender has been grown for centuries in Europe for its essential oils, fragrance, cleansing, and culinary properties. Although more common outdoors, this Mediterranean herb brings its healing perfume indoors when grown as a houseplant. The purple flowers represent purity, serenity, devotion, and calmness—not the most common attributes of a St. Patrick’s day party—but still valuable to bring a lucky charm, albeit a calm one, into your home!

Primex Garden Center-Pennsylvania-Lucky Charm Houseplants for St. Patricks Day--snake plant sansevieria

The Snake Plant

Known as one of the easiest plants to grow, the Snake Plant is also known to revive the energy in a room. Strong, sturdy leaves are said to cut through stagnant and negative energy. In exchange, it’s said to bring positive and protective vibes, and some even think they attract prosperity and abundance. As an added bonus, Snake Plants keep thriving even under neglect, which is another testament to the high power of these plants.  


Where Should I Place Lucky Plants at Home? 

The best place for houseplants is anywhere where they’ll receive the proper sunlight, temperature, and humidity. Houseplants boost the atmosphere and feel of any room. If you want to feel that boost in your office, then keep your houseplants there. If your bedroom is where you need that extra fresh air, serenity, and good vibes, then find a place for your plants in your bedroom. Trust your intuition and choose a spot that feels right!


What Are the Luckiest Houseplants? 

All of the houseplants on this list are said  to bring good luck, abundance, or positive energy of some kind into a space. It’s hard to say what the luckiest plant is, but it ultimately depends on the type of plant that you personally need or desire in your space. When in doubt, stop by Primex Garden Center and let your intuition guide you toward a new plant companion. 

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