Ho-Ho-Holiday Decorating! Getting Festive in Pennsylvania

November 6, 2023

The holiday season is back again, which means it’s time to deck your halls with festively-warm, cozy, and inviting decorations.


No need to go overboard or break the bank; we’ve got you covered with fun, casual home decor ideas that are sure to bring the spirit of winter and the holidays into your home this year!


Pennsylvania Holiday Decor Essentials

If you’re looking to add a bit of festive flair to your home decor this winter, here are a few essential elements you won’t want to overlook!


Primex Garden Center-Glenside-Pennsylvania-Guide to Festive Holiday Decor-holiday lighting
A Wonderland of Lights  

If you thought holiday lights were just for your gutters, think again! You can hang them on your porch, drape them on your mantel, weave them through your banisters, or use them to adorn your outdoor trees—both evergreen and deciduous. For the energy-conscious amongst you, LED light options are a great way to capture the essence of the festive season while conserving your electricity consumption. 


Evergreen Garlands

Evergreen garlands are to winter what flower bouquets are to spring; that is, a classic seasonal symbol of our natural world. Inside, they can cover banisters, mantel pieces, tables, and windows. Outside, they are perfect for wrapping around doors, porches, and winter porch planters. Add some pinecones, holly, or berries for an extra dash of seasonal delight.


Selecting a Festive Color Scheme

The benefit of using a color scheme to guide your holiday decor is that it creates a cohesive look throughout your home. We all know that green and red are the classic colors of the holidays, likely due to the red berries and evergreens that stand out this time of year. Gold, white, and silver are other timeless holiday color options that combine well with red and green and lend a more contemporary look to your design. If you’re looking to experiment a bit more with your holiday decor this year, try incorporating sky-blue elements to evoke the feeling of frost and snow, or—if you’re feeling especially adventurous—go with a rustic palette of natural wood tones to give your space a cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feel. 


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Winter Porch Planter Displays for Pennsylvania

Spring and summer aren’t the only times you can enjoy porch planters. Even though no flowers grow outside in December, there’s still a whole world of natural beauty that can be celebrated in the form of a porch planter or container arrangement. Here are a few classic elements to consider including in your next design:

  • Evergreen Boughs: Nothing screams “holidays” quite like evergreens! Trim a few boughs off the trees in your backyard, or purchase a few pre-cut lengths from us to bring unique colors and textures to your display. Look for pine, spruce, fir, cedar, and juniper boughs.
  • Deciduous Branches: Against the backdrop of evergreens, brightly colored deciduous branches make a bold statement, making them the perfect centerpiece of a winter display. Birch logs, dogwood twigs, and willow branches are our go-to choices for deciduous planter elements. 
  • Berries, Cones, Ribbons, and Bells: These decorative elements bring color, shine, and a touch of elegance to porch planter designs. Experiment with different arrangements until you discover one that you like! 


Primex Garden Center-Glenside-Pennsylvania-Guide to Festive Holiday Decor- live table centerpieces

Setting the Perfect Holiday Table

The holidays are never complete without a festive meal (or two!), and your holiday feast deserves a beautiful table that celebrates the spirit of the season. Start with colorful table runners and placemats, and include small details like festive napkin rings and meaningful family ornaments.

The main feature of a holiday table is the centerpiece, which is a perfect DIY project the whole family can take part in! Consider a simple arrangement of fresh holiday flowers, like poinsettias or amaryllis, a rustic display of candles, or even a bowl of colorful ornaments. You can also construct a centerpiece using a floral foam block and smaller evergreen boughs like cedar and juniper. 


DIY Holiday Decorations on a Budget

You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy decorating for the holidays this year; plenty of cost-effective DIY options are available to you! Handmade ornaments, for example, are a family-friendly project that yields long-lasting treasures, while holiday wreaths and evergreen garlands can be made with materials gathered from your backyard. Pine cones are another versatile home decor element that can be used in many different ways, from centerpieces to porch planters, wreaths, and much more.   


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Creative Tree Decorating 

While every family has their own traditions when it comes to tree decorating, it never hurts to inject some new ideas into this age-old custom. Here are some ideas to help you get creative with your Christmas tree this year: 

  • Themed Trees: Consider centering your tree decor around a specific theme this year. Whether it’s a winter wonderland with snowflakes and icicles or a rustic theme with wooden ornaments and burlap garlands, a themed tree gives your decor a unique and memorable twist.
  • DIY Tree Skirt: Don’t forget about your tree’s base! Create a DIY tree skirt with some fabric, a little sewing, and your choice of festive pattern to add character and a personal touch to your Christmas tree this season. 
  • Family Personality: Personalized ornaments with names and memorable dates make your tree uniquely yours. Add these alongside your favorite store-bought ornaments for a tree that’s both charming and meaningful.
  • Color Schemes: Instead of decorating your tree willy-nilly, try being more deliberate about its color patterns. Imagine you’re sculpting a 3D painting with ribbons, bells, and lights. Once you have an overarching vision, you can add your other ornaments into the mix.   

For even more tips, tricks, and ideas to guide your holiday decorating this year, come visit our independent garden center in Glenside, PA!