Pre-Order Spring Chicks 2021

December 24, 2019

We are now taking pre-orders on chicks! Supplies are limited! Chicks are $5.99 each. Pre-order by March 28, 2021 for week of April 12th delivery. Varieties include: Buff Orpington (Sold Out!), Easter Egger  – Araucanas/Americanas (Sold Out!), Barred Rocks- AKA Plymouth Rocks (Sold Out!), and Red Star (Sold Out!). See below for breed information.

This is an estimated delivery date & depends on when the chicks hatch!  We will contact you when your chicks arrive, you must pick up your chicks at Primex within 24 hours.

A limited number of spring chicks may be available for purchase in our store, but pre-ordering is highly recommended!

These chicks have been sexed, although it is not guaranteed. Please call 215-887-7500 to order. Payment will be taken in advance.

Available Chicken Breeds

From Murray McMurray Hatchery


Buff Orpington

Introduced from England in the late 1800’s, they have become one of the most popular farm fowls in this country. These are large, stately birds of quiet disposition.  Their heavy, full plumage make them excellent winter layers, shelling out brown eggs right through cold weather. This docile breed also makes an excellent setter and mother. Baby chicks are a soft light buff color.


Easter Egger  – Araucanas/Americanas

These hens lay beautiful colored eggs of blue-green shades from turquoise to deep olive. This unusual breed gets its name from the Indian tribe of Chile where they were first discovered. Adults are of medium size with pea combs and this breeding stock is selected for their ability to produce colored eggs, they are not purebred. They exhibit a wonderful combination of colors and color patterns, these birds make an absolutely beautiful laying flock that is extremely hardy. These docile birds also make excellent foragers in your garden. Baby chicks come in all colors, plain and fancy, just like the adults.

Barred Rocks- AKA Plymouth Rocks (SOLD OUT FOR 2021 Season!)

The Barred Rock is one of the all time popular favorites in this country.  Developed in New England in the early 1800’s by crossing Dominiques and Black Javas, it has spread to every part of the U.S. and is an ideal American chicken.  Prolific layers of brown eggs, the hens are not discouraged by cold weather.  Baby chicks are dark gray to black with some white patches on head and body.


Red Star

Red Star is a cross breed of Rhode Island Red male and a Delaware female.  These hens will mature with feathers that are reddish brown with flecks of white/tan throughout.  At approximately 22 weeks these hens will start to lay and lay they will. We’re sure this hardy bird will become a favorite of yours as it lays eggs right through hot or cold weather.  These are docile birds which make excellent pets/backyard flock. The chicks are sex-linked, ensuring you will get females.