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Lawns are so popular because they’re easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean there’s no maintenance involved. If you have a lawn, you probably know how to use a mower and sprinkler, but what about the finer details of lawn care? You don’t have to leave them to guesswork, and you don’t have to consult a professional, either. Our lawn care calendar lets you know what to do and when. 

Starting with a spring clean-up and guiding you right through to the fall, this calendar tells you ideal times for aerating, controlling pests, fertilizing, and amending soil. It also offers advice on mowing and watering routines as they change throughout the year. If you need to know what to do in a spring clean-up, it has the information you need. If you need to learn how to prep your lawn for winter, you’ll find out here too. 

Did you know keeping your cuts higher in the summer helps your lawn through the heat? This is just one of many tips that you’ll find in our calendar. Even for diehard lawn enthusiasts, our calendar serves as a brief reminder of when to schedule key tasks. For lawn care beginners, it leads you through the basic steps to a picturesque grassy meadow.  

There’s no reason why you must keep up a relentless lawn mowing routine without knowing what you’re doing or why. Seasons change. The cool, rainy days of spring are a marked contrast to the heat of summer. Likewise, our lawn care should adapt. Even though grass is tough and resilient, there’s no reason why we can’t treat it to the finer things in life. After all of our trampling on it, our grass could use some care too. This calendar shows you how!