Get ready! It’s time to seed!

August 23, 2018

After the dog days of summer, many lawns are in need of repair. Fall is the prefect time to plant a new lawn, renovate an existing lawn, or ensure the health of your lawn for next season. Falls cooler air temperatures, warm soil temperatures, and (usually) more consistent rainfall are ideal for lawn establishment or renovation. By next spring, your lawn will be lush and healthy!

Grass seed germinates quickly in early fall and whether you are establishing a new lawn or reseeding bare patches, now is the time to do it! Seed applied now will germinate and will be well established before winter, however, you can apply as late as the second week in October.

First, make sure you start with high quality grass seed. Seed type will depend on the amount of sun and shade and foot traffic the area receives. Be sure to ask our staff for their recommendations when you stop in!

When reseeding bare patches, first remove all dead or unhealthy grass from within and around each spot. With a space, mix in a 2″ layer of organic material (mushroom compost, humus, or compost) plus a dusting of starter fertilizer. Gently tamp down the soil so it is level with the surrounding earth. Lime if necessary. Sprinkle grass seed sparingly over the spot and rake the seed under about 1/8″. Tamp the soil again, then water. Cover the spot with a little salt hay or Penn Mulch to retain moisture.

Where a new home is built or an old landscape design has been radically changed, an entirely new lawn may have to be established. Add organic material and starter fertilizer as stated above and mix or till the top 6″ of soil. Lime if necessary. Rake earth level and smooth. Seed can be sown by hang, but a calibrated lawn spreader does the job more easily and evenly. Lightly rake seed into surface and cover with a thin layer of salt hay, straw, or Penn Mulch.

The first watering should be thorough, thereafter keep the area moist by watering lightly and gently while seed is germinating. Seed should sprout within 2 to 3 weeks. After this germination period, lawns should be watered infrequently, but deeply. Avoid daily watering as this will encourage shallow root development. When grass is 3″ to 4″ tall, it is ready for the first mowing.

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