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Morris Arboretum: Back to Basics with Tree Pruning

March 4, 2019 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Morris Arboretum
Address: 100 E. Northwestern Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

Morris Arboretum: Back to Basics with Tree Pruning – $175

This is your chance to take a master class with the Head of the Arboretum at England’s renowned Kew Gardens! The course will focus on the principles and techniques of tree pruning from formative pruning to mature tree crown management. Tony Kirkham (pictured above) will cover pruning tools, minimizing the potentially undesirable effects of pruning, the risk management of deadwood, formative pruning, crown thinning, lifting, reduction and reshaping, as well as selective pruning. Tony will encourage you to envision the end result you are aiming for in your pruning and consider the pruning strategy required to achieve them. He will provide insight into the pruning and related work found in British Standard BS 3998:2010 Tree Work Recommendations and how they compare to American ANSI standards. Tony and his team manage more than 14,000 trees at Kew Gardens. He is the author of two books on pruning—The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs, and Conifers and Essential Pruning Techniques. Part of the class will be an outside tour of the Arboretum to look at pruning scenarios and discuss strategies. Dress for the weather. This course carries 4.5 CEUs for ISA certified arborists.

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    This is not a Primex affiliated event. To sign up please visit

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    This is not a Primex affiliated event. To sign up please visit