Crab Grass Prevention

March 29, 2021

Crabgrass is an annual weed that can be a homeowner’s most frustrating lawn problem. With germination periods of up to six months, crabgrass can quickly takeover your lawn, robbing it of its moisture and nutrients. Though it may be impossible to prevent all crabgrass, you can reduce the growth of these unsightly patches.

Since Crabgrass germinates from early winter through mid to late summer, use pre-emergent products during the early spring month. Once it begins to root and bloom, crabgrass can be quite difficult to eliminate. If your lawn was overcome with many crabgrass patches the year before, apply a pre-emergent to your lawn with two separate treatments, once in the early spring and again in the early summer.

Primex recommends using corn gluten as a pre-emergent. It is the safest, most natural way to prevent crab grass, dandelions and other problem weeds in your lawn. Corn gluten is an option for gardeners who prefer a non-chemical alternative. A corn milling byproduct, corn gluten meal inhibits the root growth of crabgrass seedlings. Unable to develop roots, the crabgrass seedlings die. Corn gluten meal is approximately 10 percent nitrogen by weight, thus making it a natural fertilizer as well. A period of light rain or irrigation is required to activate the product and then a dry period is needed to kill the affected weed seedlings

Primex carries a 30lb bag of corn gluten for $44.99.