Bird Bath & Pond De-Icers

December 16, 2016

Birds need water, even over the winter,  so it’s important to keep bird baths ice free. Not only would you have to constantly break off ice and add fresh water but it’s likely the bird bath would crack from the expansion and contraction of the frozen water. A birdbath deicer easily solves this problem.

Deicers provide from 44 to 250 watts and are designed for shallow birdbaths. They include a fully grounded cord and most include a thermostat for efficient electrical consumption, turning on only when the temperature is low enough. 

Pond deicers are ideal for keeping a small hole opening in the ice during cold winter months.  The device insures proper gas exchange which helps to keep fish alive during the winter and promotes a healthier environment for plant life. They also include a fully grounded cord and thermostatic control in order to operate only when necessary.

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