Its Time! Bring in those plants!

October 9, 2018
Before temperatures dip into the mid 50’s at night bring your houseplants indoors!

Katelyn’s houseplant migration checklist.

  • Is it time to repot?  Has it been several years since this was done? Does the plant look disproportionate to the pot? Are you seeing roots coming out of the top or bottom? Have you seen insects in the soil?  Does water tend to drain through rapidly and not penetrate the soil?  
    • If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to repot. **WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU IN OUR NEW POTTING AREA!!**  Bring in your plant, we can help select the appropriate pot and leave it for us to clean up and repot with fresh soil (usually takes a few days).
    • For the do-it-yourselfers, we can help you select the appropriate pot and soil for your job
  • Check your plant for insects! I like to spray down all my houseplants (and their pots) with a hose to clean off dust, bugs, pollen. Even if I don’t see any insects I spray the leaf tops and bottoms with horticultural oil.  It gives the leaves a glorious clean shine and will kill any insects that may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • I also use a systemic insecticide that acts as a preventative, getting absorbed by the plant for future insect control.  Another method is to soak the pot in a bucket of water for a few hours and that will drown any insects living in the soil.
  • Make sure that you have the right size saucer for your new pot. I highly recommend filling your saucer with pebbles and keeping water in it. The pot should sit above the water level. As it evaporates it will help create some humidity and help counter the dry air we suffer from in the winter months.
  • Now that your plants are clean and shiny and stretching their roots into the perfect pot it is time to bring them indoors.
  • With all the humidity and cloudy days we have had, plants, even indoors, ares not drying out regularly. Make sure to alter your watering schedule accordingly!
** Keep in mind that every time plants are repotted or moved they will go through a period of shock. Some yellowing of leaves or dropping of leaves is totally normal. Using Superthrive will minimize shock! **

For more information on keeping houseplants happy over the winter, check out this article!