Quick Fertilizer Lesson

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand fertilizers. Their numbers reveal everything.  All bags have three numbers listed somewhere on the package.  Those numbers refer to the N-P-K nutrients.  N is nitrogen, which greens the plants, P is phosphate for roots and flowering, and K is potash for health and vigor. […]


The Passionate Gardener – Tomatoes

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER Tomatoes - July 2014 by Ron Kushner Tomatoes: Beware of Water It seems that every gardener loves tomatoes. They are probably the most popular edible garden plant throughout the country. This year’s “Totally Tomatoes” catalog lists 309 varieties and there are many more. Care of tomatoes, from germination throughout harvest is the subject […]


Growing Blueberries

Growing Blueberries is Easy SOIL: Blueberries need a well-drained acidic soil (pH between 4.5 – 5.0). Soil pH is crucial for fruit production and should be adjusted using sulfur several months before planting the bushes.  Do not incorporate sulfur while planting new bushes, but a top dressing following package instructions may be done after planting.  […]

Bee on Salvia

The Passionate Gardener – Native Meadow

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER May 2014  by Ron Kushner Create a Native Meadow Strip The idea of a native meadow strip came one cold day in winter while reading seed catalogs after attending a native plant seminar. The concept would be to create a native, wild flower garden similar to a meadow in bloom but on […]

propagation, seeding

The Passionate Gardener – Propagation 101

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER April 2014 by Ron Kushner PROPAGATION 101 Seeds Planting seeds is an easy way to increase the number of plants in any garden. Once the seed is sown, as long as moisture, temperature, air, time and media are in the proper relationship, seedlings will properly emerge. If seeds are sown in containers, as opposed […]