Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments

Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments Potting Mix Gardener’s Gold Organic Potting Mix Organic Mechanics Container Blend Pro-Mix Ultimate Potting Mix * Frey Bros Professional Potting Mix * Pro-Mix BX * Organic Mechanics Seed Starting Blend * Espoma Organic Cactus & African Violet Mix * Orchid Bark & Potting Mix * Moss * Vermiculite * Perlite * Soil … Continue reading Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments


November 2015 by Ron Kushner Organic tips for creating healthier garden soil The success of any garden really depends upon the health of the soil. For the most fertile soil, organic matter must be increased along with mineral availability. Also, the soil’s structure should not be disturbed. This means no tilling! Healthy soil contains a … Continue reading THE PASSIONATE GARDENER – November 2015