Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments

Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments Potting Mix Gardener’s Gold Organic Potting Mix Organic Mechanics Container Blend Pro-Mix Ultimate Potting Mix * Frey Bros Professional Potting Mix * Pro-Mix BX * Organic Mechanics Seed Starting Blend * Espoma Organic Cactus & African Violet Mix * Orchid Bark & Potting Mix * Moss * Vermiculite * Perlite * Soil […]


Quick Fertilizer Lesson

Fertilizer: Decoding the Numbers You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand fertilizers. Their numbers reveal everything.  All bags have three numbers listed on the package. Those numbers refer to the N-P-K nutrients.  N is nitrogen, which greens the plants, P is phosphate for roots and flowering, and K is potash for […]

growing onions

Onions – History & Growing

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER by Ron Kushner History of Onions The onion is one of our oldest vegetables. In Bronze Age settlements, traces of onions were found alongside of fig and date impressed stones dating back to 5000B.C. It is unclear if these onions were actually cultivated. The bible (book of “Numbers, 11:5) suggests cultivation probably […]

bring houseplants indoors

Bring Houseplants Indoors

Bring Your Houseplants Indoors for the Winter It’s time for the great houseplant migration! Before nighttime temperatures dip into the 40s, we advise that you bring inside any houseplants that have vacationed outside for the summer. It is simply getting too cold for many of our favorite green babies. So before you bring in your plants […]

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Uncommon Edible Berries

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER October 2014 by Ron Kushner Three Uncommon Edible Berries Here are three, uncommon edible berry plants for our area. They are great for small spaces, need next to no maintenance and after the first year, should not require irrigation or fertilizer. They are all resistant to most diseases and insects. All are […]