Quick Fertilizer Lesson

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand fertilizers. Their numbers reveal everything.  All bags have three numbers listed somewhere on the package.  Those numbers refer to the N-P-K nutrients.  N is nitrogen, which greens the plants, P is phosphate for roots and flowering, and K is potash for health and vigor. […]

bring houseplants indoors

Bring Houseplants Indoors

Bring Your Houseplants Indoors for the Winter It’s time for the great houseplant migration! Before nighttime temperatures dip into the 40s, we advise that you bring inside any houseplants that have vacationed outside for the summer. It is simply getting too cold for many of our favorite green babies. So before you bring in your plants […]

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Uncommon Edible Berries

THE PASSIONATE GARDENER October 2014 by Ron Kushner Three Uncommon Edible Berries Here are three, uncommon edible berry plants for our area. They are great for small spaces, need next to no maintenance and after the first year, should not require irrigation or fertilizer. They are all resistant to most diseases and insects. All are […]

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Creating School Gardens with the United Way

Creating School Gardens Primex is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with The United Way to create two new school gardens in Philadelphia. The schools were selected by The United Way Day of Caring to receive grant funds & volunteers; Dr. Ethel Allen Promise Academy at 3200 W Lehigh Ave and Prince Hall Elementary at 6101 N Gratz St. This […]

Fall Garden Chores

September Garden Calendar

SEPTEMBER GARDEN CALENDAR By Ron Kushner Bring houseplants back indoors. If the plants are left outside, as temperatures drop into the low 50’s, they tend to do poorly when brought inside to dry air and heat. Trim off unhealthy leaves and check closely for insects. Spray with insecticidal soap. To kill insects lurking in the soil, […]