Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments

Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments Potting Mix Gardener’s Gold Organic Potting Mix Organic Mechanics Container Blend Pro-Mix Ultimate Potting Mix * Frey Bros Professional Potting Mix * Pro-Mix BX * Organic Mechanics Seed Starting Blend * Espoma Organic Cactus & African Violet Mix * Orchid Bark & Potting Mix * Moss * Vermiculite * Perlite * Soil … Continue reading Soil, Fertilizer & Amendments


Aphids are one of the most troublesome insects to gardeners. There are over 1,300 species in the United States and they come in all colors: green, gray, white, red, orange, brown, black, yellow & pink. They are exclusively plant feeders, sucking plant juices through piercing-sucking mouthparts shaped like elongated tubes, draining the fluids from the … Continue reading Aphids

Garden to do List – May

MAY If you are not seeding your lawn this spring, apply spring fertilizer with weed control. Thin seedlings of early-planted crops, such as carrots, lettuce, spinach and beets. Protect cabbages from cabbageworms and leafy vegetables from leafminers by covering with fabric. When soil temperature reaches 60 degrees, sow warm and cool season vegetable, flower and … Continue reading Garden to do List – May